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Ernesto Priego. 978-0-9561919-3-9 £6.95 / $11.95. 104 pages



This sequence of poems is a poetic and critical response to Octavio Paz, whose book, "The Labyrinth of Solitude" contains a chapter entitled "The Present Day". Priego's book is dedicated "to the memory of the victims of recent violence in Mexico".

"For ernesto priego, a mexican english language poet living in london, these magnificently rendered poems are the work of the life of 21st century post-nationalist poetry. the borders of geography, heart and mind wander and blur into a writing that is grounded in both english and spanish. no longer can the reader ask what is native but find what is human is every where present in the word. that word is ultimately one of love where priego asks, 'What / was love for you / if not a revolutionary force?' the revolution exists neither in the past or the future but the present day, we live always in the present, that for priego also includes yesterday and tomorrow and is in the end a metaphysics of palpable presence."

Richard Lopez



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