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Welcome to Litter, a magazine of contemporary poetry, which includes essays, reviews and visual art. It's been running since 2005, and will be updated regularly. Enjoy your visit.

Alan Baker, Editor

Review - Petrarch 3 by Robert Sheppard

Eileen Tabios Feature


     Interview with Eileen Tabios

     Review of "I Forgot Arts Poetica / Am Uitat Arta Poetică"

     Review of "The Opposite of Claustrophobia"

     Four New Poems by Eileen Tabios

Rebecca Forster, artist, and Simon Marsh, poet


     Art / Poetry collaboration - ping 16

     Art / Poetry collaboration - ping 17

     Art / Poetry collaboration - ping 18

Pam Thompson
Four poems

Colin Winborn

Sandra Tappenden
Two poems

Katherine Peddie
Some sonnets for Rilke

Reviews of Gareth Twose and Kenny Knight

James McLaughlin
Four sonnets

Stéphane Mallarmé
Three sonnets, translated by Ian Brinton and Michael Grant

Peter Hughes takes Martin Stannard's "Test for Poets"
Questions and Answers

Peter Hughes
Four Poems after Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837)

Joseph Shmoe
Review - a collage / text collaboration by John Bloomberg-Rissman and Anne Behrendt'

John Mingay
from 'A Bozian Journel'

Rupert Loydell
Poem to Martin Stannard

Sandra Tappenden
Three prose poems

Steven Waling
Review - Martin Stannard's new book

Kenny Knight
Poem - A Long Weekend On The Sofa

Ian Britton
Two Poems

John Bloomberg-Rissman
from "In The House of The Hangman"

John Mingay
Tribute to Ed Baker (1941-2016)

Peter Dent

Review - Oystercatchers from Robert Sheppard and Kat Peddie

John Mingay
Review - Thorn Corners by Stephen Nelson

Joanne Ashcroft
From: "10 Charms for Deafness (with Spectacles)"

Glenda George
Three Poems

Mark Goodwin
A Poem for Peter Dent

Robert Hamberger
Three Poems

Gareth Twose
30 MINUTES WITH... Dierdre Barlow

Steven Waling
Four Poems

Martin Stannard
Review - new books by Rupert Loydell and Paul Sutton

Tom Jenks
Review - "Top Ten Tyres" by Gareth Twose

Pam Thompson
Three poems from "The Japan Quiz"

Alasdair Paterson
Five villanelles from "My Life as a Mad King"

Peter Gizzi
Poem - from "A Panic That Can Still Come Upon Me"

Steven Waling
Review - Selected Poems of Peter Gizzi

Alasdair Paterson
Review - "Maelstrom Origami" by Steve Spence

Martin Stannard
Review - Selected Poems of Paul Violi

Alan Baker
Introduction to "Little Things" by Abdellatif Laâbi

Abellatif Laâbi
Poems from "Little Things"

Ali Znaidi
Four Poems

Andrew Taylor
Three Poems

Andrew Duncan
Review - "Ephemeris" by Dorothy Lehane

Dorothy Lehane
Two poems from 'Ephemeris'

Paul A. Green
Five poems from 'Shadow Times', a work in progress

Aaron Tieger
Two Poems from "Purple Notebook of Raquette Lake"

Kathleen Bell
Two Poems from "The Little book of Illusions"

Graham Caveney

John Mingay

Rodney Pybus
Review - "Uncertain Measures" by Aidan Semmens

Peter Hughes
Versions of Cavalcanti

Catherine Hales
Essay - The Poetry of Peter Dent

Alan Halsey
Poem - Nocturne in Greenwich Meantime

Paul Sutton
Poem - Nocturnes 1 to 5

Linda Black
Four Poems

Janet Sutherland
Four Poems

John Mingay
Poem Extract - from 'A Lizard in the Shadows'

Review - "The Book of Isaac" by Aidan Semmens

Simon Howard (1960-2013) - A Tribute:

     Editors: Sarah Crewe, Richard Barrett


          Reviews of Howard's work by Peter Hughes and David Grundy

          Tributes by Susan St John, Richard Barrett

          Tributes John Fallas and Pavlos Antoniadis


          David Berridge, Sarah Crewe, Wayne Clements,

          John Bloomberg-Rissman, Carol Watts, Mark Cobley

          Mendoza, Nat Raha, Harry Godwin, David Grundy


          Music for harpsichord by Richard Barrett

Review - "Claremont Road" by Paul Hawkins

Gregory Woods
Essay: The Making of a Gay Reader

John Mingay
Review: 'Archilochus on the Moon' by Simon Perril

from the Anglo Saxon
The Nine Herbs Charm: translated by Gavin Chapell

from the Old Norse
from The Saga of Hervor and Heidrek: translated by Gavin Chapell

Andrea Inglese
Two poems: translated from the Italian by Roy Marshall

Paul Sutton
Two Dave Turnip poems

Martin Stannard

Sue Dymoke

Osip Mandelstam
Poem - translated by Alistair Noon

Peter Dent
Six new poems

John Martone
Review of Ed Baker's "Stone Girl e-pic"

Ed Baker

Peter Maguire
Two paintings

Abdellatif Laâbi

Alan Baker
Review - 'Lever Arch' by Mark Burnhope

Gareth Twose
Review - ‘An Anatomy of Melancholy' by Tom Jenks

Daniel O'Donnell-smith
Poem read by Alan Baker - audio

Phil Simmons
Review - Petrarch tr. Hughes

Petrach's sonnets tr. Peter Hughes

The Poetry of Theodore Enslin - special feature
     Theodore Enslin in conversation

     Review of Enslin's 'Nine', 'In Tandem', and "I, Benjamin"

     Theodore Enslin reading his poetry - audio

     Poems from Enslin's last book


John Welch
The Poetry of Abdulkareem Kasid

Abulkareem Kasid

Martin Stannard

David Giannini

Chinese Poets of the Tang Dynasty
Translations by Martin Stannard

Mark Goodwin
Poem in audio

John Bloomberg-Rissman and Anne Gorrick
Extract from a sonnet sequence

Daniel O'Donnell-Smith

Nicholas T. Spatofora
Review of "Silences: The Autobiography of Loss" by Eileen R. Tabios

Review of "Dante's Inferno" tr. Philip Terry

Daniel O'Donnell-Smith
Review of "Wildlife" by Rupert Loydell

Rupert Loydell
Four Poems

Robert Sheppard feature

Scott Thurston reviews "The Lores"

Alan Baker reviews "The Given"

New poems by Robert Sheppard