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Mairead Byrne


dead tooth against factory smoke
grey shade on striated blue
white on grey
sleet against ice
haze on fog
[cupped votive lamp against soft slate]
[cupped votive lamp against ink]
nougat against light sky with cloud puffs
[pineapple on chiffon]
[pith against gauze]
[tallow on gauze]
shade against light
smoke against smoke
verdigris against fog
[lit skull on wet ink]
worn dime against storm clouds
[sky blue behind ivory]
slate against chiffon
[chalk against gauze]
thumbprint on cold paper
light grey on pale blue
almond on milk
hatching on watered silk
deep shadow against dense steam
shale against smoke
orange pith against dove grey
pineapple on pearl grey
shop bread on gruel
tallow against fleece
still grey against scumbled grey
mauve on tangerine tint
pith against clouded gold & blue


cupped palm over white flame against navy sky
chimney stack smoke behind old enamel
lilac against battleship grey
green-grey against soft grey
marshmallow against mauve tint
tangerine tint against steam
whipped cream against tangerine
dove-grey on sky-blue banded with rose cloud
chalk against clear white banded by purple cloud
mink on mist
frost against down
fog on fog
[cloud in fog]
one cold thing against another
alabaster against snow field
peppermint against cement
cement against pulp
grey velour on white enamel
bone against grey-blue
salted concrete against rose & grey
shell on thin blue
faint yellow against pale blue
[urine on snow]
sweat stain against collar
nicotine against fluff
scissored edges against drained blue
loaded grey against washed turquoise
shadow against fugitive blue
[smoke against turquoise]
charcoal against pale blue
silhouette on milky glass
[quiet grey against restrained blue]


dense appliqué on transparent blue
[wedding cake on sheer blue]
[stark white against blue psych]
[rose against faded blue]
grey-blue against incandescent white
[marble with sky-blue & cloud scarf]
khaki against suffused grey
[grey before amber]
soft grey against blue veil & rose sash
beaten egg-white against blue ice
blueberry in milk
[jade against peach]
flame against chiffon
[light green against mauve]
cobalt against apricot fuzz
[yellowed page against rose]
newsprint on inky cloud
ochre on cloud-banded blue
dirty chalk into cloud
[alabaster against radiant blue]
soft marble against mauve cloud
amber against cobalt
[lemon against flame]
[white gold against sky blue]
loaded shadow on blue swell
river-ice on light grey
[soft white against soft grey]
impasto on frothy grey
[mink on lint]
charcoal against flock
[iced almond on smoked glass]
blue-white against cloud puff
heaped grey on bleached white
frosting against papier-mâché
pearl-grey against leaping cloud
locked grey against Guinness foam
brushed grey against shining white


sand on smoke
soft lead against streaming & tossed cloud
[mint against cloudy cloud]
putty against pale wash
sable against sky-blue
[chalk against radiant blue & mauve cloud puffs]
fine wool against silk
stained cotton on snow
felt against fleece
bronze on steel
foam against spray
[margarine against haze]
[margarine against dishwater]
swept grey on pale blue
eye-white against purple-bitten cloud
airforce blue against pale blue
hatching on glass
ash on denim
card against cloud
clipped shadow on glass
buttercream against steam
cocoa butter against mesh
[lemon ice against dishwater]
burnt umber against blue glass
bone against bruised vein
eraser on smudge
cotton swab on grime
[beige on beige]
stone against violet
dust on enamel
shell against bleached blue
[new flame against massy blue]

Copyright © Mairead Byrne, 2005