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PETER DENT - a select bibliography

Proxima Centauri (Agenda Editions 4, London), 1972. Edition of 450 numbered copies, ISBN 902400-03-7; 50 signed and numbered copies, ISBN 902400-04-5.

The Time Between: poems from the Chinese and others (Hippopotamus Press, Sutton, Surrey), 1974. ISBN 0-904179-05-2; forty copies numbered and signed.

Surfaces (Interim Press, Egham, Surrey), 1975. ISBN 0-904675-02-5; 150 copies, signed and numbered.

Focus Germanus: episodes (OASIS 23, London), 1978. ISBN 0-9033-5-35-4.

Desert Psalter (Glasshouse Press, Liverpool), 1980. Illustrations by Ann Paterson; no ISBN.

Distant Lamps (Hippopotamus Press, Sutton, Surrey), 1980. ISBN 0-904179-23-O; 25 copies signed and numbered, ISBN 0-904179-24-9.

From the Flow (Taxus, Durham), 1983. ISBN 1-85019-02-X.

Hours (Blackthorn, Budleigh Salterton), 1985. Enveloped set of 12 cards with illustrations by Peter Dent. Edition of 50; no ISBN.

Uncloudy Wine: 12 Poems for the guises of the graal (Taxus, Durham), 1987.

Midwinter Nights: Four Poems (Oasis Press, London), 1988. Illustrations by Ray Seaford; ISBN 0-903375-79-6.

Night Winds and Dice: versions and variations (Big Little Poem Books, Grimsby) 1990. ISBN 0-9514468-1-9.

Vigil and Dream: A Dark Age Suite (Blackthorn Press, Budleigh Salterton), 1990. No ISBN.

Travel Song (Morning Star Folio 2/1, Edinburgh, Scotland), 1991. Folded sheet with paper cuts by Susan Patterson, accompanied by Dent's essay "Handling The Flower: some working thoughts on poetry". 300 copies, including 26 signed and lettered by the artist and poet.

Suggesting Blue (Single Room 1, Room Press, White Plains NY), 1991. No ISBN.

Undergrowth (Blackthorn, Budleigh Salterton), 1991. No ISBN.

Contour and Grain (Blackthorn, Budleigh Salterton), 1991. No ISBN.

Northwoods (Taxus, Exeter) 1992. ISBNs 1-873012-26-8 (p/b); 1-873012-26-6 (h/b).

Place to Place (Stingy Artist, Weymouth) 1993. 140 copies, numbered and signed; no ISBN.

Equinox (Oasis series 91, London), 1993. Illustrations by Ian Robinson; ISBN 0-903375-87-7.

Line (Markings 3, Cloud, Newcastle upon Tyne), 1995. Cover by Peter Dent; ISBN 1-899799-03-6.

Days Out (Trombone Press, Dunfermline), 1998. No ISBN.

Simple Geometry (Oasis Books, London), 1999. ISBN 1-900996-08-1.

At the Blue Table (Blackthorn, Budleigh Salterton), 1999. No ISBN.

Settlement (Leafe Press, Nottingham), 2001. ISBN 0-9537634-3-9.

Unrestricted Moment (Stride, Exeter), 2002. ISBN 1-900152-76-2.

Adversaria (Stride, Exeter), 2004. ISBN 1-900152-97-5.

Handmade Equations: Poems 2000-04 (Shearsman, Exeter), 2005. Cover illustration by Peter Dent; ISBN 0-907562-65-5.

Shared publications

The Elek Book of Oriental Verse: trans. of Sanskrit (with David Gerow) and Urdu (with David Mathews) sections. London, 1979.

Travelling the Worlds (Spacex Literature, Exeter), 1992. Joint collection with Pamela Gillilan; no ISBN.

Daylight Illustrations (SHEARSMAN 11 - Two Devon Poets), Plymouth, 1993, pp. 6-15

Full Sail (SHEARSMAN 18), Plymouth, 1994, pp.2-8.

Twelve Poems (OASIS 81), London, 1996, pp. 2-4.

Calling Out In Dreams - a moorland meditation (Proof 1, South West Arts, Exeter), 1998. First quarter of a joint book collecting four authors; ISBN 1-781874-19-1.

Significant Anthologies

Completing The Picture: exiles, outsiders and independents (ed. William Oxley, Stride, Exeter), 1995.

A Curious Architecture: a selection of contemporary prose poems (eds David Miller, Rupert Loydell, Stride, Exeter), 1996, PP. 72-4. ISBN 1-873012-85-3.

A State of Independence (ed. Tony Frazer, Stride, Exeter), 1998. ISBN 1-900152-27-4

As editor

The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker (Interim Press, Budleigh Salterton), 1983. ISBN 0-904675-20-3.