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André Mangeot


If he'd kept it shut
his trousers up
his pants in place
his brain engaged

known when to stop
not touched a drop
and spent less time
so well reclined

if he'd thought of others
loved his mother
didn't scram
when shit hit fan

had stayed at home
paid back each loan
knew how to cry
and never lied

he would have been
a duller man
we wouldn't miss
his recklessness

his easy-come and easy-go.
And though
he caused a load of grief
he was at least

true to himself, his gods.
What's lost
isn't what he might've been -
just what he was.


It's daybreak, I tug at the curtain
and there's this immaculate limo
(blacked-over windows,
half the length of the street)
sliding soundlessly by.

Rubbing my eyes, I look up
but no, there's no neon, no
Caesar's Palace, just the same
washed-out, workaday sky
and down by the fence

the sign still points to Earith
and Chatteris as old Harry
in slippers,
Mirror tucked
under one arm, lifts the tail
of his coat, scratches his arse

and shuffles back up the path.
It's too fucking early. Time to
darken things up again. Stretch
out the yawn, slip back into bed.
I like to know when I'm dreaming.

Bull Dog

If I see you look at her that way again
If you don’t piss off back into the soddin’ rain
If you’re not gone before what’s in this glass
If you want to see your whole life flashing past

If you think you’ll pull a bird with hair like that

If you’re telling me she’d fancy such a twat
If your Dad had only hung on to his clothes
If you’re wanting five ringed knuckles up y’nose
If the eyes round here weren’t all so bleedin’ lost
If one sick fuck among us gave a toss
If your job or the barman’s was for us
If you try to say it’s you who needs a chance
If you want to be the one without a voice
If you’ve half a brain it’s time you made a choice
If I were you I’d move and change your name
If I ever see you look at her
If you ever cross my fucking path again.

Copyright © André Mangeot, 2005