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My first experience of Martin Stannard's poetry was when I bought the pamphlet 'Easter' about a decade ago with a batch of others from a small press. The poems in that collection had an immediate effect - so I'm very pleased to publish Sandra Tappenden's appreciation of that work - and I've been a follower of Stannard's poetry ever since. Norman Jope, writing In Terrible Work, asks why Stannard's work wasn't picked up by the big-press anthologisers during the Nineties, positing that it may "give too much ground to the 'enemy' (i.e. the wider range of excluded poetries)". Whether that's true or not, it's certainly the case that Stannard's work doesn’t fit easily into prescribed categories. I hope this feature helps to bring more readers to a poetry which is both intellectual
and entertaining.

Alan Baker, January 2006