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MTC Cronin

solo and accompanied


accompanied by Federico Garcia Lorca

Lovely big brother
Now yowling lonely
In the corridors
You want a game
But how to put
Your claws away first
Our poems were the best
When they were shadows
Of reeds in the wind
Or the other waiting
Around that lovely corner
Not this stone
That does not move
That you stalk
Because I am dead
Your friend because
You don't know death
And I do
Because I am
The stone


accompanied by Fernando Pessoa

A little bit of salt
A little bit of water
Not enough to demand attention
A little bit of the daughter of shadows
A little of the shadows of the daughter
Already witnessed and taken to memory
Never enough to depend upon
A little bit of sorrow that outweighs
All the world's joy
Which cannot wait to cease
To exist


accompanied by Alice Notley

It begins in places
In such a way
As to make myself
Really nervous
A woman in a suit
Is just what you get
When you put together
A woman and a suit
I am the only person
Who can see what's there
Aided and abetted
By what's not
It begins in pieces
A woman and suit
And then you get
A woman in a suit
I recognize this
As fully and nakedly
As possible
It makes me nervous
Though in a purely
Subsidiary way
Because the phenomena
Is what I'm going to say
What you get
When you put together
Sheer presence, death
And responsibility
Oh, and I forgot to mention
It's a man's suit
It begins in pieces
And it ends whole
Every end is a new


accompanied by Wallace Stevens

Only, his grey sleeve
Redeem us
With your liberty to apply
All the good citizens
Only his grey sleeve
In the coherence room
Establishing the facts
And lining them up
Like a dead scream
His grey sleeve
A simple isness
As you might chuckle
As you might
As well
Only his sleeve
Pushed up
So that his hand might work
Abimo pectore
From the bottom of the heart


accompanied by Henri Michaux

Completely useless things, fabricated
Are invariably galvanic
After 10 photographs
100 photographs
1000 photographs
You die
Life can never make you ripe
The picture is always of
The green fruit you will be at death

Copyright MTC Cronin, 2007