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Peter Dent

from "Tripping Daylight"


Looking for echoes in a crazy decade     it might
well have been her forte    but for noises off?
camaraderie under political fire and those piece-
meal mild addictions would she have stayed
the place or worse still written the sequel?   my
doubts I do forgive     when you've witnessed a
favourite trapped offside - it's time to quit in
street-speak such is the glamour for the crime
you get away with!    dismiss it at your peril
that's how a voter votes     content's not found
by counting clouds    she's keen on treating guilt
and the field with exaggerated colour    to many
of the cases this was it: the place more plans
than futures here reduced to bouncing off walls

from “Harmony in Black”


Much of what I fell for had its origins

In question   how easy to balkanize the
simple view    in roundabout ways I am

All for the one     indictments follow of
course but hardly engage     not for a

Minute the ordinary outcome     a scroll
Of voices down a screen puts nothing

To bed     relax let silence turn this off

Second Flight

Melody and voices the sort I'd put my

Faith in of not entirely obvious then
nothing to fear things harked back

To a locus of persuasion     whether I
actually listened not to any impossible

How? but to the red-hot state of alert
I couldn't say     words had me chance

On a dying air     I could see them fly

copyright © Peter Dent, 2007