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Tim Allen

four poems from "Mattered by Tangents"


backlit equation ritual surprise
it’s wrong don’t just stand there do something
borrowed wheelbarrow leans upon Long John Silver
soft toys provide all my passwords

resurfacing the body with free-floating nostalgia
wrong toilet again but subtlety so
stay awake long enough for destiny to take shape
waiting reduces the capacity for sainthood

uncanny closure with minor improvements
Scarlet O’Hara long-jumping inside minibus 
scarlet letter pole-vaulting over minibeast
pilgrim’s home address stitched onto a salmon



descending steps in disorder
first steps take a speedboat from Maternity
ascending a pep-talk to a grammatical road
another last child rears another’s modernity

miniature Noah’s Ark chugs through veins
it looks easy but it’s bloody difficult
the Arc gets stuck in Menlove Avenue
disturbing the greenhouse with intelligent breasts

giant paw the size of a panda slides down helter-skelter
retracted statement doesn’t know where to go
three gods for the price of one Gnostic trefoil
DNA limbo dances under Aunt Mimi



final reminder has a non-linear wing
fewer memories singled out from many now offs
corner of eye saw a streaker streak by
don’t know if it had male or female sorrow

runaway sprite siphons off tears
pragmatic crash test dummy finds the right gear
sniper fire replaces façade
texture flows past in the opposite tone

our antithetical car is loathe to tackle leaving
headlights head-butt rotary blade
stubborn heretic washes away his line-manager’s feet
the revolution will now be caramelised



fallow image bordered bottom left
orator’s clipboard up Dragonfly Chase
short fused mother now long in the snout
nature reserves rights to winning photo

plumber mended the boiler with matted fur
tacked down meadow for a Saturday night out
rum Barnum combo disappear down a sinkhole
broom cupboard otter mum bears wildcat gums

no i said put out those lights
what sort of a mill is this?
glade without a grid reference reappears during colonoscopy
things are a bit busy in the cockpit just now



Copyright © Tim Allen, 2018