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Ian Brinton and Michael Grant



                             After Mallarm√©

The buried temple forces to the surface
Through the tomb-shaped mouth of the sewer
Dribbling shit and rubies some abominable idol
Of Anubis whole snout flaming like a rabid snarling

Or when the new gas screws with suspect mantle
Relieving prolonged condemnation it has erased
Wild as it is it high lights an immortal pubis
Flying wide awake down unshadowed streets

What dried leaves in cities where no evening ever comes
Can offer blessings up like her leaning back
To no effect against the marble tomb of Baudelaire

Shivering in absence from the veil that shrouds her
She his very Shade offering poison
We breathe in although it brings us death




Copyright © Ian Brinton and Michael Grant, 2018