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Steve Spence

Testing the Water

If we stay here another night we’ll lose
our tenancy. “There is a sharp rise in the
popularity of poetry”, he said. We now

have a possible location yet this lake is
even more of a mystery than we thought
it was. “The more we look the more aliens

we find”, she said. Today we’re setting off
on a long walk with the mad ramblers. What
is the state of our knowledge? “You consult

your hippocampus when you want to know
where to go”, she said. Previous expectations
are overthrown as betting becomes ever easier.

“I’ve never seen anything like it”, she said, “it
was a working man’s patchwork coat”. There
are no obvious signs of habitation yet for the

majority the huddle is their only shelter. “Betting
is for mugs”, she said.  Are you suffering from
depressive delusions? There’s a pattern developing

here, everything we buy has to do with death.
Freezing rain is the big issue today. Are you a majestic
oak or a lonesome mushroom? Misery and destitution

are on their way. What are the concerns people
have about gambling today? “Somewhere in Britain
it’s raining cash”, she said. Are we upsetting the social

order? There are no faces in these drawings. When
you are caught in this beam you are utterly dazzled.



An Immersive Environment

We now have a possible location. Illegal
betting shops have moved into the back
streets. With a growing list of killers we

need to take stock. Meanwhile, the pickings
in the shallows remain good but our movements
have not gone unnoticed. Are you trying to

pump me for information? Is the river really
as sick as everyone says? If you have any issues
please raise your hand. & then there are the

drawings themselves. “The city is a very small
place”, she said, “and people are being marked
out as troublemakers”. Do your sketches show

us your unconscious? Are you planning for all
eventualities? “Here is the dome that dominates
the skyline of Rome”, she said. It will be mostly

dry and chilly this evening. Yoghurt hasn’t always
been so easily available but it’s well worth trying
with a dash of nutmeg. How does your organisation

work and who are the decision-makers? “I am
tiring of listening to those who are always blowing
their own trumpets”, he said. How many different

birds do you think you can spot in a year? Are
melancholy films better than those that provide
uplift? Yet your future may depend on this, especially

if you’re not too good at parting with stuff. To stop
fishing is not a viable option for many poor fishermen.



Finding a Match

It will be mostly dry today with a risk of sunny
intervals between clouds. To appreciate the full
beauty you will have to have special lighting but

there’s still a great deal that we don’t understand.
“He is now but he wasn’t then”, she said. Is this the
real Mrs Peel or do you prefer Lola? Here we have

scenes of chaos and terror yet civilization has its
downside and our first slides show a primitive
world. Once again there may be no economic

progress without pain. “I don’t happen to be me,
remember?”, she said. Yet we are the people who
can’t be heard and these objectives are incompatible.

So where and how is it raining cash? Our plans for
today are in ruins so I can meet you tomorrow after-
noon if you’d prefer? Talk about weather, it’s a filthy

evening with really high winds and lashing rain. Closer
image analysis may offer us some new clues but in this
case the clouds will have to negotiate the obstruction.

A typical fishing day begins around dawn and the dorado
is an intriguing creature which we hope to see more of.
Even though they move slowly they leave a clear wake.

“Absorbed through the skin this substance produces immediate
feelings of infancy”, she said. Any quick final thoughts? Why is it
important to understand these early migrations? “It’s something

to do with the entrails of political stalemate”, she said.
There is set to be more drizzle and mist later in the day.


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