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Andrew Taylor

From "The 280s"

Nightingale 6.09 a.m. graceful chat alert song rich and fluty musical murmurs before light Julian says enjoy the glow dark as comforter jam the signal Matt spots three on arrival in Berlin Taras Schevchenko points to such happiness 6.48 chorus joins in light hits the undergrowth 


Rooted in the exact pen scrapes paper on the map we descend to reorganisation the colour is historic she favours tulips without break find a form stick to it leave space alone like nesting birds curate the aura by implication gestures between the cradle and grave minuscule time 


It’s a gift they’re drawn to you as we sit outside under the shade last year it was the fig this year the ivy catch a glimpse enough to know that you are here among us making plans of your own the 500 CL Pelforth tastes better outdoors like tea does the apple tree is in blossom 


Before the full bloom a slow unfurl behind the fence a peppering of plum shoots horizon trees springing from bud canopy finally forming over the D121 kitchen coolness Easter lateness dryness of gutter the blast of air is Mediterranean pushing northwards Blanck Mass adding sounds


The Yellow Square on the D121 that was painted near to the four white dots in the summer of 2018 has faded twigs gather in ditches that are slowly being cleared the 99 cent blue gardening gloves are stowed with the cans of WD-40 and the toolbox from Liverpool under the stairs 


Finish the bed there’s a coffee stain on the reverse of a photograph from 1984 that’s usually housed in the notebook John’s Sarments travels well though it’s showing its age already an Easter tradition Nils Solo the yellow butterfly is luminous against the ivy voices in the lane


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