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Peter Dent


Absorbing Aliens

Sailing on a methane sea sounds attractive to the hadler
with fingertrip controls I too could get familiar with such
enthusiasm were it not for the obligatory fine judgement
nesessary to bridge the gap I see it all the theatrical

sense of self the warped but timely predictions the varied
algorithms come into play and so much else if only
Titan's rotation were more orthodox (having said that we
are all different) if only we could deal with microseconds

I'm sure we could accomodate the sense of guilt that's
been around far too long flying in the moon's thick at-
mosphere we could look down on it as just another clinic-
al reality (something we could be buoyed up by) either

we respond to the otherworldiness of it or we go further
down the road of nurturing 'quality time' for all in most
of the cases I've been involved with symptoms reveal little
in the way of soft imagination if you can't turn daylight

river channels dunes and weather to your advantage then
you've not been thinking a hundredth of the heat we're
used to is still heat and the heat's on: acknowledging sig-
nals is what we're all about or should be I'm truly sorry

for the delay I really am - I feel their absence like a friend



Excitement is running high at the prospect of a hung
parliament at the same time signal failure miles out
of town is having a negative effect on both essesnital

and non-essential services kowing which is which
does wonders for a newcomer to electioneering or
for that matter these dodgy strobe lights steal the

thunder and spoilt the child says Proteus if you're after
a change of emphasis but do bear in mind there are
things that come with the territory and what a time

to go ape if only multi-sensory experience had it in
it to issue an advance warning you could be into a
ballot box and out with negligible consequences a

late but safe arrivalis better than a journey spent in-
viting speculation as to the swing upcountry people
here see all restructuring as a contribution to the past

Red Deserts

If I brought my rook across would you go for the no-trump
slam? You could say first occasions normally better the
second, but here I am, lost in the middlegame and about to

Come unstuck. Drawn endings disappoint, whereas a little
random-access into the creative process meets with general
approval. Keep the dust off solar panels and there's

Enough power for a second Martian year, who knows, maybe
more. The so-called canals show what you can do with
imagination. Even basic need scan go in and out of focus.

But it's a long way from home, which is why two-handers
seem to take forever. Flashes of dark insight, now and again,
grandmasters hiding in the wings; and still no urgency. I'm

Watching and waiting, glued to a screen. It's all too easy to
fall for the graphic quality or the crisp catchline. Soon
enough, and I'm always imagining it, you will show your hand.

Copyright © Peter Dent, 2010.