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Mark Goodwin & Alexandru Hegyesi

Listen to 'Autumn Leaves'

The version above has the voice slowed down, and the music emphasised. Another version of this sound-enhanced poem, with voice at normal speed and music slowed down, can be listened to here:

Autumn Leaves

In the evening, on October 2nd 2012, Alexandru Hegyesi sent me an instrumental track entitled ‘Autumn Leaves’, that he had made during that same day, in Romania. This comprised the melancholic notes of a stringed instrument and a field-recording of rain. Alex invited me to collaborate on the track. That same evening, being much inspired by the music, I wrote a narrative poem whilst listening to it. Some days later I recorded the poem and then mixed it with Alex’s original track, along with some ambient recording made on the rim of Leicester, not far from where I live. I also added some twigs; and my partner, Nikki Clayton added her voice too.

I would describe this piece as a ‘city-rim fairytale’. The Eastern European flavour of the music immediately put me in mind of Serb-Croat survivor poet Vasco Popa, who has informed my poetry considerably. It also reminded me very much of the music in the Quay Brother’s stop-frame puppet animation, ‘Street of Crocodiles’ , composed by Leszek Jankowski. The music also evoked for me Andrey Tarkovsky’s film, ‘Stalker’ All these evoked elements have very much informed the poem, and I suppose have made it less of an English ‘city-rim fairytale’ and more of a borderless one ... hovering somewhere amongst this world’s regions of loss.

Mark Goodwin

original music & rain: Alexandru Hegyesi
poetry: Mark Goodwin
voice: Mark Goodwin
further audio production & mix: Mark Goodwin
female vocals: Nikki Clayton

a print version of the poem can be found here


Copyright © Mark Goodwin & Alexandru Hegyesi, 2013