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grunge sister rootkits

minds              run                   in                     Ring 3*




The Not, If of Sherringham

baby frog fits the thumbnail
swing stunt fracture

enrolment into hospital/ ordained by x-ray machines

crabs scuttle/ up the pier/ pincing after/ tender youth

wiped mucus on a tea towel
thoughts on                                         reproduction

a sickle for each brow
a hammer for the brotherly defection

don’t slam the window too hard/ you’ll sever an artery


only one of these things happens in the replay



flat line cavity vision

elucta luctari elect select

anti beats earth mass

audio projects mind

0-30 seconds





The 6th Camper

what is crawling [&amp] singing
a hymn to crack the lake

splash its guts across the fake
face of the defective moon

sleeping bags = our faster graves

weaponised child deliver
ascend to La Luna

morning gold is wild and stinging
a whole forest on your chest, child

reboot in firs [crawl back]


Copyright © Daniel O'Donnell-Smith, 2013