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Linda Black
What she is wearing today she may not have

Moreover the hindrance, in terms of matching or modified. Suppose it is done and frequent as the moth. The doomed fly dies in the corner swept and located. All this before breakfast. Explicit in his nature the rag and bone man came and went under the arches.

Slipped on the shoe. Many laced and pin-tucked as featured. Browse for the time being. Snag a caught loop on a chain. There are many ways to travail for example on the slide without a care. Never having driven nor for that matter the length of a thread. Forewarned is to dangle, toes tapping.

Specifically the description means blue with its many connotations. Having set that in the store room a stool begs for velvet, mistakes the length it may go to. Bulbous those ankles with the stockings down. Back in the sack. A week minus five per cent, that’s fortune eyes-down.

Now for the starter. Statistically it’s a no-brainer. Bra and pants to match. On the way to the kitchen forever and always. Pre reassembly. The catalogue is back with many to choose from on your day off.

Before you know it, it needs washing again and not without questions. As too is the haircut. The letter writer writes that’s what they do. Not always at the same pace. Today the sheet changes, latterly unaccounted for in bold configurations, also anticipation. The same old trousers pull quietly on.

Circles, triangles and oblongs especially rearranged. If you think this quiet! Simple though calls for concentration. If you think this simple! Hanging out is a must when the wind blows. As of this morning, marking distances and breaking things. Arms bruise easily and there’s the reminder.

As it is another day. With some relief on the outfit at the outset. The key is in the colour more or less. Adhering to the view that toenails and fingernails need not match, the street is marginally the same. That come and go business.

What seems to be the problem? Is it in the manufacture. Mother knew best. It was all in the folded. Piles on the floor laundered in the most perceptive way. If only parents weren’t so bothered. Concurrently childbirth is all hot water – or at least warm.

Popeye liked spinach. It was as if everyone else knew. There’s a film called Sliding Doors. Also Groundhog Day. The point is called the domino effect. Or how the things that may not have been may have been if you walked a different way. This isn’t in the end.


In the interim:

A deer  or an antelope  poised in the long grass
the sound of rustling   as there is now
plucked  startled  from where it does
to where it does not  belong   a  process
of interruption  What is all this waiting for?
A bookshelf  a vase of flowers  (catches briefly
the sunlight)  the indetermination  of each bloom
A rocking horse rocks   a picture hangs  haphazard
on the wrong wall   All that is makeshift   the lid is off
in half readiness  The creature  thus procured
may be placed against  a background   posed  in a room
for living  (see above)   a pattern  of diamonds
or some such décor   a focus for elaboration
on which  the pencil may linger   One graceful limb
(almost human) crossing  gracefully  at the ankle
the other  Gaze tethered   between two worlds
(from now on  it could go many ways)
When disappointed  the will is whittled away
her head skewed (an old habit)  There are no details:
a little tipping over  as if on the way  This leaning
left  Unchecked   goes on leaning  To be so upturned
shaken  like a cellar of salt   what leaks?  what remains?   
onto what would she hold?  her hair is thick
and her nails are very strong  It could be time (untitled)
leaning moribund against her wall   She wants
nothing specific  a gleaning out of shadow  an alteration
of what is  what was  To be guided  henceforth
Blossoms fall in random configurations  petals
curl & fade   having given   according to capabilities
only so much pleasure   The power of gentle flutterings
the storm  the blowing away  After lines that do not twist
she longs for verse  Words that by chance she reads
are like a distant flock of swallows   scattered
settled  among the branches:  threnody  mescal  aspen




The place is a midden     


Various the perspectives     back-cowl   blank-let   front-gloom    dither  

into which  she may blunder     scatter   clutter   marrow


the chairs  she may protect     need-pouch   Gretel    scuttle & tongs  

preening cushions  soothing cloth     mid-wake  cloud-snare  vale-prune   natter 


all about her     bye-gone   egg-glade   reap-glean    garner 

chattels  are rising     freight-flay   wound-borne  hail-bent    blinker   


plumes  of scrawny creatures     pond-stir  erst-key   spin-tail    sparrow  

break   & foreclose     fold-line   hip-spur   hail-scheme    scarper


seeds  of scholarly demise     sketch-ling  scrip-hull    ink-bole   scrivener 

contain  a backlash     wing-thrip    sap-fly   gnat-thorn   tickler            


Her eye swells     too soon   

the seasons end        

wither   hither   nether





Seen from the past

Reel to the moment
Briar & firstborn
Bird-song & beetle
Petal & nettle

Saddle & shutter
Prickle & thimble
Mix & mock
Fail-sooth & fallow
Holed in the ginnel

Hook line & sink her
Cold & alluded
Small bits stolen
Cornered & brooding
Wind-wept colluded

Under the hedgerow
Wasps where the seeds sow
Down by the dust roots
Pig in the hen-hutch
Clay-ring & tallow

Hers is a pin-prick
Hold her & mould her
Fine coils & flutter
Kind-heart & keep her

Careless & cloven
Rushing & raw
Hears her a twinkle
Clamber & claw

Slip-shod & scupper
Nurture or flaw
Kick & lock
Parch-peel & hallow
Bolder than bramble

Whip-bode all winter
Lip-spat exuded
Torn-from excluded
Itch-pitch intruding
Scolded & sore

All of a shamble
Pawed where the worms glow
Lost in the bind shoots
Witch in the reed-patch
Maid of the marrow

Tear-hole & charm trick
Seek her & fold her
Soft sheets & butter
Safe from the gutter



Copyright © Linda Black, 2014.