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Peter Dent



The man from the garage (he works only part-time but
has somehow picked moves from Soulage & Klein)
is carrying a wrench in one hand and a rag in the other.
Ying & Yang come into it, but weather's on the change.

Is that sweat on his brow - I get psychological  frissons
out of anything if I'm in the mood? And, as the wind
slips back into neutral, it isn't that I'm seeing the world:
rather, I'm working on a change of medium. A kind of

special filligree to worry the surfaces of mixed fluids or
photograms out of (not just) light, but shaken, brightly
coloured particles.   Cars up and down the road, are in
porr-to-average states of disrepair.   If I could bother,

I'd picture each of the owners ravaged by despair, with
the exception of the last, who's off now into the sunset,
whistling, one hand on the wheel.  A good job's worth
it, when the doing - in all its implausibility - cleans up.




The neologist, abducted by the alien-like inhabitants of a
village out on the fringe, swears allegiance to a delusion.

The cause is unknown.  Acceptance of a single shift in a
world of dated paradigms is seen, by some, as excessive.

When a character's trapped by pseudo-academics or folk
with a problem, expect the inconsequential.  I speak to a

field in the language it knows best: I seek nothing by way
of compensation.  A night in a motel just off the ring-

road spells out a game for two - who would deny it? If
the way they behave beggars belief, consider the accent.

I love the way I'm formed, he said, I've pictured the worst,
but copyright goes with the territory.  It matters that my

world is fallible, that home today is another's tomorrow.
Give me facts.  First in my person, others equidistantly.

The world and its story - if it never ends, who'll put it buy?




The student carries his thinking into his life with aplomb; for
a while his debts are held in check.   Feelings of 'inadequacy'

don't so much bother as generate daydreams - where being
a fighter pilot, a Fleeet Street hack or a trader in arms left over

from some insurrection abroad all have equal status.  To one
way of thinking, they establish a totally new man, though his

state of unguessable duration.   The launch is met without
fanfare.  Moving about the neighbourhood with a look that

is one of slef-satisfaction darkened with fear has full effect of
keeping most people indoors.   Families study the full range

of scenarios, but keep the facts to thmeselves.   Education is
about what might have been and may be.  Nights lie awake.




As my papers aren't in order so aren't his.
I was there at the scene - catching the tail end
and a suspicion of what came before.

Dark and cloudy another hand before my face
but as we've seen nothing proven.  The use
of novocaine is often allowed.   He took out

Three bollards and nearly twenty feet of hedge.
Who gave way to whom is just one
of the questions.  I tried guessing the others.

It certainly looked like me.   But we're talking
abracadabra here.  Spilling the beans and
the blood.  Nothing in the nature of the data

(prime or otherwise - they ran all the checks)
can match the way he thinks.   It'll be about
timing said an officer.   I can hear the radio

Crackling.  From now on that's all there is.



Unless you're one with the elected vision you won't get that
big surprise.

My palette when it's not over-muddied is quick to pick up a
useful signal.

It doesn't mean faces (or forests or time spent shopping) get

Time was fine rain and sunlight in a clearing did wonders for
the Autumn statement.

Heading rapidly for the New Year I'm creating special effects
with eyes closed.

They may be a fool to themselves but they don't let content
spoil the weather.

I absolutely love the democracy of paint and trees like limes
a ballerina'd die for.

For cloud forms dirty water for a failing memory somebody
else's eyes.




After sentence he'd complicate his tax affairs further by
creating a new range of books so disorienting so daz-
zling they'd be snapped up instantly by the hereafter

His subsequent decline into politico-philosophical con-
fusion placed him squarely in the dual role of 'cop' and
'robber' thus denying him all rights to the good life.

Showcasing the winning entry exploding its ideals then
secreting the more curious of his talents appeared as
much a part of the injustice as his exile into biography

First scripts like his tend to explore the self from outside
see: Planning's abysmal signage - evidence they care
less for mentoring the youthful ego than wrestling mud

Hysteria it wasn't though conical flasks boiled and the
lab quaffed stranger liquids than the the soothsayer who'd
conspired to put off even his own second coming

Provided he contained his own refinement he could hit
a nightclub bleary-eyed with starlets and emerge ready
to light up anyone's dog breakfast

off-the-peg creation occurs only when he's inherited
the favours of hospital-damaged OAPs most of whom
would rather repeat prescriptions than wave wands

He took a breather they crept up on him and applied
a thick coat of arte povera rocketing him out of waste
management into the whitest of white geometries


copyright © 2013 Peter Dent