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A Tribute to Simon Howard

The composers and poets that have contributed to this feature hope that it will help to keep Simon's memory alive, and will alert others to his remarkable poetry.

Editors: Sarah Crewe, Richard Barrett


          Susan St John
          A Tribute

          Richard Barrett
          A Tribute

          Peter Hughes
          'the shadow and its word' - a review of 'Forgotten'

          David Grundy
          A review of 'Serenity'

          John Fallas

          Pavlos Antoniadis
          A Tribute


          David Berridge
           'Of Dubious Suction (Black Square Notes)

          Sarah Crewe

          Wayne Clements
          Some gardening poems

          John Bloomberg-Rissman
          In the House of the Hangman 1523

          Carol Watts

          Mark Cobley
          Poem (untitled)

          Poem (untitled)

          Nat Raha
          'To Simon Howard'

          Harry Godwin
         'Though squirrels are grey'

          David Grundy
         'For Simon Howard'


          Richard Barrett
           'leaf' (music for harpsichord)