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Dorothy Lehane
Two poems from 'Ephemeris'



which came first, tearaway or teen
birth and betray formative years
as the frenzy harbours you

Centre throng
farewell radiation
mottled quasar
sedation comes later
or not at all

heart to heart plunge
habitable world shock
space will shake    warp
true ringdown              sing MF doom sing



worrying little striptease
soliloquise through the night
Liebestod blares through vestiges
sonic rolls a hormonal burst
we are a dying swarm
epilogue is epilogue is free carbon fade
reign the exotic dead
we couldn't make such colours
in an abattoir, garner or expel
choice is a bouquet
embryo is a sliding ache
a sort of emergency end
sure, bring on the dancing girls





These poems were originally published in the poetry collection 'Ephemeris' (pub. Nine Arches Press).

Copyright © Dorothy Lehane, 2015.