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Andrew Taylor

Flowers at Three

Landmarks sound
a boat in a field
cymbals recorded in Berlin
fields of growing daffodils 
freshly polished shoes

Give a tip to a Geisha girl 
sunlight maps its course across a hill

Cap de Maître - the art of balancing 
hot drinks at high speeds
18.25 ICE 19 International 22
Bruxelles - Midi - Brussels Nord - Liege (G) - Koln 

Goods trains roll through the night
the pauses are telling
before dawn birds kick off
rain falls church bells ring

Extend the blind fully grey on white
the gap allows for light & birdsong

sill collected shells
domestic clatter

the sound of an apartment
emptying then refilling

dappled reflection
short green rests
on magnolia & cream

repetition of church bells
a sound like sirens interrupts

a blackbird finds its voice

tulips bow in the hall
lilacs bought in the market 
remain wrapped in paper



Scavenger Acoustic

An almost empty perfume bottle
reveals its secrets

top notes sparkling and multicoloured 
with crystalline hints of fruit

record sounds of draining water
three floor drop rattle of pipes

a summerhouse becomes a quiet house
hum of machines a domestication

the salt is running low

despite the hour a hint of light
thickness of frames placed by Victorians

A postcard written in French
signed with full name no room for abbreviation 

smudge the ink of recollection
allow the mist of hindsight

despite the rain the windows are clean

quietness of acoustic session
rowdiness of recognition

value of the notebook the nylon strings
debut in Leamington 

Read a sample it will make up your mind

In the margins quietness of the final station stop
it only takes a minute the bank and the sheen



Long Wave

from a late night train
to the port diluted slowly
through midland marshes

holding out for sea air

despite caffeine surges
lose luggage carry yourself
check the Peter Storm

there is a gap
you knew you'd leave

35 miles inland we replicate
     the tide

under neon with vanilla
     silence between words

         nobody comes along when you need
them to

the leaned in kiss back to front
I remember the flowers
              I remember the lapel
safety pin

the spills

under the city breath holds fear
                    this could be forever

despite remapping wander the old
create something other

take certain stations   certain routes
because you





Copyright © Anrew Taylor, 2015