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Aaron Tieger

From "Purple Notebook of Raquette Lake"

that is the road to the north, and therefore, to __, and if I had the wings of a dove, that way would I fly for comfort”

(de Quincey, Confessions of an English Opium-Eater)

there is no away
to turn to

(Ric Caddel)



Leftover Lunch through town,
I Melt With You.
In Central everyone looks so sexy
it’s good I’m leaving town

And on the Pike
in the cooler, something
smells already

(New spell: Wave
of Mutilation.

Empty mind
(not really)
going 80 under
(not really)
empty skies
pretending I’m in love
with no one in particular

Entering NY
skies clouding, in
coming clouds seeing
fat bottomed girls

(and it starts to rain)

                  Burnt Hills

                  Round Lake
                              The New Way
                              The Grist Mill
                              MEAT STORE OF THE NORTH
                              Heck of a Pizza

                  Dinosaurs & Noah’s Ark Exhibit Inside
          Warrensburgh Assembly of Goo

“Welcome to the Mountains”

Hidden River—
          “eggs so fresh you want
to slap the hens”


45 degrees overnight
baking in the sunrise
stumbling to the cabin

quiet lake, chilly shade
loons tuning up
of the lake,
a hint of wireless
(rare call
from Bill, Uncertain Time
will come
before school

          “how’s it there?”
          “end of summer,
          always bittersweet”
          “I guess it is”)

Scrambled eggs, radish greens
horseradish cheddar, bacon, plenty
of Crystal (a Southern hot sauce
that is both cheap
and weak), lemon
ginger tea, blueberry muffin
from the country store,
“old fashioned root beer candy”
(contains HFCS)

shorts & a hoodie
too cool to swim


Under the milky way tonight
there are skulls in the stars

(The Church)
(Robert E. Howard)


Copyright © Aaron Tieger, 2015.