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Ali Znaidi

A Sonnet for the Rain

I think that the rain has a poetics
of its own,
& each drop has been distinguished by
the time
in which it made an erasure
& things of
poetical values.
There is still
a metaphor in the mud
where poesy
& pottery juxtapose. {Pause!!!}
“I’d rather listen to the rain.”
“I’d rather build a paper boat.”


Dadaist Moonlights

The hummingbirds flew away. It’s time to say:
all noise is finished. Crashes of thunder
have come again.—An unbearable roaring
resonant of unexpectations. The structure of

my ears has become flimsy. Only a cacophony
of sounds coming out from a space that
opens up into darkness I could hear. Now, I
can see glimpses of milky Dadaist moonlights.


A Post-surrealist Lexicon

[leaves] make a decent garment substitute.

[lava] is a source again(st) individuation.

[ash] contains the seeds of nakedness.

[love] is projected in the whole tree, not onto
individual leaves.

[tree] is a cosmos in itself.

[nightingale] is there to recap any tweet you may have missed.

a broken crayon

(de)construction. dawn. dusk.
mountains. a black cloud. withered
flowers stored in secret caverns.
a rainbow adumbrated by crows.
prairies. Utopia. the river & ravens.
we shoot the ravens w/ catapults.
we concoct theories & algorithms.
beyond the mountain. beyond concepts.
our nostrils are filled w/ salt particles.
we can’t smell betrayal. this pomegranate
is still a symbol. a treatise on how this red fruit
born into light. a new historiography. retreat.
the bruise has appeared again. against wills.
a giant monster gnawing on a broken crayon,
& sucking out the marrow. don’t worry.
there is no consistency. sea/ land.


Copyright © Ali Znaidi, 2015