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Joanne Ashcroft

From: "10 Charms for Deafness (with Spectacles)"

Charm 4

chaffinch crimpline primrose paddle

sepia rays on thumbprint mounds
ethanol the belly
snug to its stake beyond the frame

grind with a pitmaston pine apple
noticing notices notingness

lay your groan in a brood with your happiest handprint

(write this on your body)

it is named a claustrum for a wood white in a smartening jet stream



Charm 5

goldcrest boPET cottongrass batteries

pregnant in teal and teardrops yellow
methylated red
pouts in swing to palest bud

pulp with a discovery
goaling goals goalness

lay your snore in a swarm with your tastiest snowglobe

(rub this across your ribs)

it is called an alveus for a green hairstreak in a tickling tailwind



Charm 6

hawfinch melamine honeysuckle anchor

crackled eyes triangle
phenol the temper
of sky rooted in bald soil

blend with greensleeves
bouncing bounces bouncingness

lay your yawn in a brace with your warmest spoon

(keep this under your pillow)

it is named a cophinus for a gaudy peacock in a softening sandstorm



Charm 7

crossbill lycra common dodder whistle

aqua sprawled torso rises
shoring peroxides
bristles of viridian fingernails

powder with an egremont russet
healthying healthys healthiness

lay your slurp in a sedge with your cleanest fridge magnet

(imprint this on your upper arm)

it is named a lectus for a clouded yellow in a muscly southwester




Copyright © Joanne Ashcroft, 2015.