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Glenda George

From "Frolics and Follies - and what lies beneath" An occasional table of talk and chatter and modern morality tales


Crooks and Nannies; Lies and Ho-ho-hos

who’d have thought the
          of nannies –shiny boots and stretchy belts –
kept the booty in their
                    baby carriage straight
laced faced                                    up
from the pages of
lies and ho-ho-hos
she spun and punned
while our children listened

tall tales of crooks
hooks (eyes)
and cops and

robbed them of
                    (if once they had it)
Before they had the
to know
the world



2 songs from "Hues & Cries - unsung songs and heroes":


(Hues) Jack's Not In Her Box

Jack's not in her box no boxing clever
Oh no more never before
                    ask whenever          it WILL be
Jack's sprung up out of reach

Toying with former
          generation's plaything
Spring loaded with intention
Rocking horse baby likes      back and forth
hah ha hush a bye

Mmmm mama holds t he key turn the lock let him up
free the man little Jack shot the catch
out of the box not in her box
no more

(Cries) No Birds!

Aw   Aw   awakening of the dawn chorus line
the early bird    catches    feathers ruffled
mine in aggravated state of mind

w    w    worms his way
into my location    p place
                    home is where the heart is no birds
at my table preening
singing on all branches    ss    ss    singing
a    ss    ss    ss    singing singing



Note: "Hues & Cries" was parrt of an early 1980s project in association with the Belgian musical collective 48 cameras (Jean-Marie Mathoul et al).





Copyright © Glenda George, 2015. The poems "(Cries) No Birds!" and "(Hues) Jack's Not In Her Box" are included in her collection "A Child in the Playground", pub. Lulu. ISBN: 978-1291627916