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"ping18". Pencil and Spray Paint. Copyright © Rebecca Forster, 2016.

An Introduction to Rebecca Forster and Simon Marsh


Rebecca Forster combines elements from archaeology, literature, maps, plans, libraries, museums, the past and the present, in drawings and sculptures made in paper and in etched and beaten zinc or brass. From pencils to spray-paint, from ceramics to murals and artist’s books, Rebecca’s work echoes the countries she has lived in and the cities she has explored – from Cyprus, Greece and Italy, to New York, Piacenza, Verona, Zurich, Milan. Born in 1960 in St.Albans, England, she specialized in sculpture at Norwich School of Art and her work has been exhibited widely in solo and group shows since 1985.

Born in 1960, Simon Marsh grew up on the Isle of Thanet and moved to Milan in 1984. In 2008, he left the city for the village of Valverde in the Oltrepò Pavese, and then moved to Varzi, where he now lives. His published works include The Pistol Tree Poems and Bar Magenta with Peter Hughes (Shearsman and Many Press respectively), The Ice Glossaries (Poetical Histories), The Vinyl Hat Years (Tack/Many Press, and Stanze (Oystercatcher). Stanze has been translated into Italian by Riccardo Duranti (Coazinzola Press). In addition to poetry, Simon writes and performs music with the Milan-based group Place.

Rebecca and Simon were born one day apart, but it took nearly half a century before they finally met in a small village in Italy and became friends. Ping is their first shared project. It explores the sparking–off process between image and text.


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