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D. A. Prince

of contrails

a cage 
 a travel
  a route 
   a grid
    a scoring 
     a network
      a skein 
       a line-up 
        a reticulation
         a geometry 
          a diagram
           a twining 
            a fly-over
             an imposition
              a mesh 
               a trellis
                a convolution


              a blurring
                                 a loosening
    a dissolving
                         a sprawl

        a slump                           
                                  a lounging

                      a listing

    a doodle

                        a scribble

a scratch

                    a hatching

        an erasure

                        a last gasp

                                    b  r  e  a  t  h




unpeopled line                rising/falling/slipping
salt lurching                   white-foam vanishing
up/down                        in/out
of focus                         perspective
     place names dragging their anchors
     landmarks stripped of name and label

travel being homeless     voiceless
bird-driven                     tide-hauled
trusting and thrust          hoping and helpless

only the creak of the boat for a prayer



The brick wall

I told
I told you
I told you not
I told you not to
I told you not to do
I told you not to do that
I told you not to do that again
and again
and again
and again



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