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Steve Spence


Labour And Materials

To remove
the scratches
you may
first need
to use a mild
If you’ve
never spotted
a Cumulus
cloud, then
you ought
to get out
more, though
we’ve been
advised not
to take up
drinking and
also to take
more exercise.
“Our gate is
always opening
and closing,
opening and
closing”, she
said. Were these
plans produced
before or after
the invasion?
Together, we
weather it
through storm
and sunshine
yet the tone
of this film is
meant to be
debonair and
it’s like living
on a knife edge.
“Are these maps
pre-battle or
he asked.



Attending The Scene

“It’s inconclusive,
they have hundreds
of visitors”, she said.
Domestic tensions
are simmering. It’s
been said that he
risked alienating
his audience yet
expertise is rarely
a stipulation for
the job and it’s
time for further
reflection. “Let’s
keep to primary
colours”, he said.
Are you a vampire
cloudspotter, eager
for the arrival of night?
These cuts have to
be clean, crisp and
precise yet leather
is notoriously difficult
to sew and it may be
time to enhance the
vibratory qualities
of the lure. For most
birds, night brings a
well-deserved rest.
Imagine, for a second,
dropping a stone in a
tub and watching the
waves ripple out from
a central point. “It was
all so exciting because
we were always breaking
new ground”, she said.
Everything may be
encoded in data.
Yes, but are we
about to create an
intelligence that is
beyond our control?
Some birds that are
active by day also
occasionally sing at


An Integral Part

New points
of unity may
emerge. Is
more virtuous
than clutter?
“Perhaps these
clouds are
just there to
look nice”,
she said. How
did words lead
to algebra?
Yet it’s easy to
lose sight of the
of abstract
and this one has
wings even though
it can’t fly. There’s
nothing quite like
the great British
year. “I haven’t
actually taken
the back off yet”,
she said. When
you leave home
you always lose
the ability to
control your
yet we’ve got
another trout
on the line and
this one’s a keeper.
“These crabs are
both bright and
fussy”, he said.



A Common Sandpiper

I don’t think
I can distinguish
dream from
reality”, she
said. The grey
line is the line
that divides
day and night
but such an
attack may
provoke a
moment of
“I can crouch
there by the
furnace and
watch the flames”,
she said. As the
tide retreats
to the edge
of the reef it
cuts off pools
of water. Why
would you want
to join the navy
when you could
be a pirate?
To see a rainbow
you should look
towards a rain
shower with
your back to
the sun. Yet it
seems we can
never entirely
remove ourselves
from the picture.
Yes, but why
does time only
flow in one
direction? Where,
when you aren’t
looking at it, is
a subatomic particle?
“Shut up and do
the calculations”.


Copyright © Steve Spence, 2017.