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Aaron Tieger


January Sleet

to write
or type
on a phone
seems wrong

                Autocorrect guesses right &
this worries me

The train goes by and we feel it in our walls,
sometimes I forget
how you can forget
how can you forget

Heated bed, your wild head
hoping for a storm, dog
& you




Thinking of the city
the haunted streets in formal lines
(or haunted lines in formal streets)
hemmed in like a boar between arches
even the chaos feels channeled
where here the trees wheeze in the breeze
and fog hides every morning hill
there is mystery here, wild
but we know the moon is there





London in my heart
Newcastle in my heart
Manchester, so much to answer for
in my heart
Morden Tower hear my heart:
High tales in a tall café
no bars on the moors
A room of broken guns
and books on birds
and a bike in the bath
“In Roman times this road”
“Penrith… Penrith!”

High on the walls
happy in the rain
wet jeans and whiskey
tunes below stairs
happy in a ruin
& in a crowded car
disputed border between

                (while elsewhere, at last
your young heart broke)




Copyright © Aaron Tieger, 2017.